Rendez-Vous Digital is an innovative music licensing company that provides audio and video monetization solutions through strategic marketing and technology

Did you need music for synchronization or licensing?

Compilation production

We create and design thematic music compilations optimized for making your recordings appealing and accessible to worldwide audiences

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YouTube channel management

We offer solutions to monetize your music and your videos on YouTube by creating and entirely managing channels with your content

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Recording and Works placements

We control the publishing and master rights of thousands of recordings spanning all genres and ranging from talented indies to top artists

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« Rendez-Vous Digital creating and developing advanced technologies and putting them at the service of our business model plays a key part in surviving in today’s digital music business. This vision leads us to invest in software development allowing us to be very productive and reactive »


Rendez-Vous Digital is a French-based company specialized in the acquisition, licensing, marketing and monetization of music and video content. Our rich and varied repertoire is now composed of hundreds of thousands of recordings and compositions spanning a wide range of traditional and contemporary genres from all eras and from all around the world


The founders have been working in the music business for the last three decades and possess significant experience in marketing. After launching a B2B music startup in early 2000, they launched The Orchard’s french division and managed it from 2003 to 2007, making them pioneers of the digital music business in Europe


Music, creativity and technology are our passions. Our mission is to continue blending these three elements into business models that generate revenue for artists, producers and publishers. This vision has led our company to become a worldwide leader in monetization of digital audio and video content

In order for Rendez-Vous Digital to be versatile in technology, creativity and business development, we built our experience on the long term, as well as a workforce engaged on every level of our activities

Content Management System

To serve at best our business, we have developed our proprietary CMS (Content Management System) implemented with the latest technologies. This workstation represents the core engine driving Rendez-Vous Digital’s productivity. Connected to dozens of aggregators, music metadata databases, metadata translation services, audio analysis and fingerprinting engines, our powerful CMS offers us the means to curate metadata as well as create and release an impressive amount of audio and video products to virtually all download and streaming services

Strategic & Creative Marketing

Creativity and marketing are our primary assets. To build our consumer base online, we create, design and brand our products (compilations, collections, playlists, websites, YouTube channels, etc.). Learning the inner workings of online retailers and operating the metadata of each product accordingly is key to develop revenues in the online world. We also translate our metadata in different languages to gain visibility. We establish long term strategies to make our products visible and appealing for consumers worldwide whether it be for niche markets or popular trends

Worldwide Digital Distribution

Our direct deals with download and streaming services as well as our partnerships with leading aggregators enable us to release our products to the widest possible network. We deliver releases to retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, Spotify or Deezer across more to 200 countries. Our CMS allows us to plan every distribution aspect of our releases by targeting specific retailers with specific product characteristics. This enables us to adapt, optimise and release each one of our products to the retailers and countries of our choice

Social Promotion & Advertising

Our experience in product promotion and online advertising allows us to maximize our products’ coverage. Being specialists of search engine optimization helps, but in today’s digital world, that isn’t enough. We also market our products to the end-consumer through retailer product placements, end-to-end search engine advertising and social media campaigns. Investing to push products forward is also an important aspect of our business model

Analytics & Royalty Accounting

Our CMS was developed with big data technology in mind to deeply analyze sales trends and to follow-up on what type of products are performing in relation to specific countries and retailers. These past years we have gathered invaluable data from our sales by analyzing performances according to streams, genres, pricing, keywords, etc. By identifying and replicating successful trends, we achieved immense growth. Our analytics and accounting technology enables us to treat unlimited operations and send-out detailed quarterly royalty reports and statements to our clients

Synchronization & Licensing Opportunities

All our clients benefit from our synchronization and licensing opportunities program. We place music in films, TV shows, commercials and games as well as conducting physical and digital compilations and premium-line partnerships with major labels worldwide. We regularly propose new licensing opportunities to our clients. We control the master rights for over 180 000 recordings and the publishing rights for over 20 000 tracks, all of which are available for licensing

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  • Believe
  • Deezer
  • EMI
  • Google
  • iTunes
  • Rdio
  • Shazam
  • Sony Music
  • Spotify
  • The Orchard
  • Wagram Music
  • Warner Music
  • YouTube
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  • Beat Music
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